Puhleeeease. One like would mean a lot. Hindi lang ‘to simpleng project/finals. Hindi lang kami ang nag bebenefit dito. In all honestly, ginawa itong page na ‘to para makatulong ipalaganap ang isang makabuluhang mensahe: “Say NO to bullying”.

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You don’t have a problem with him. You have a problem with yourself. You see his mistakes and blame him forever. For you, he’s always wrong and you’re always right. You don’t get to appreciate or even see all his little efforts. You don’t thank him for the times he makes you happy.

Yes, he makes mistakes. That’s inevitable! Just don’t focus on that side of him. The truth is he’s doing everything for you. You’re just too blind to see. He loves you so much but you’re too numb to feel that.

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Hi Ate Tims! Kamusta na po? Hahaha. Ngayon lang kita ulit naabutan sa tumblr. Hahaha.


Hello be :))) okay naman. Busy busyhan hehe. Kaw? Di na nga ako nakaka browse sa dashboard :(

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Was about to go to sto.domingo for the la naval procession but then … ☔️😑 I’ll just stay at home.

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The subject of the message is sort of is misleading, but it’s cute! :”)

It’s not a sweet nor a cheesy email. What’s actually inside are the videos he recorded as a favor I asked from him. Kailangan ko kasi ng little boy as talent para sa radio PSA (public service announcement) ko pero wala namang bata dito samin, so I ask for his help. Fortunately, willing to help naman siya as ever. :”)

Last week nag pa record na rin ako sa kanya ng audio files (since yun lang naman talaga need ko) pero ayaw maniwala ng prof ko na totoong batang lalaki yung talent ko. Kaya naisip kong ipa-video na lang kay boyfrie para kapag ayaw na naman maniwala ng prof ko at least may evidence na ako.

Nung pumunta pa talaga siya dito kahapon sa bahay right after his class para mabigay agad sa’kin. Kaso, biglang nawala yung mga files. Then, last night naalala niya na, na-transfer niya pala sa PC niya. So there, eto na yun. :)

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This semester?

So far, this semester is composed of proposing topics/ideas; being rejected; being accepted; trying to fight against your professor (in which, of course, you’ll lose anyway); squeezing your creative juices as hard as you can; and as usual, more and more sleepless nights. The thing I learned the most all throughout is that: “you can fight with your professor but you will NEVER ever win over them. So don’t you try in the first place.”

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Maybe there are still a lot of gentlemen out there. It’s just that you don’t give them the chance to prove it.

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My life this afternoon at school.

I spent almost 2-3 hours at school only to use the free wifi. Hihi ;) I needed to download everything that I’ll be using for all of my assignments/report. Unfortunately, I don’t have an internet connection at home because my sister is out if the country for a week. (For the past weeks, we are only using her data plan for connection) So yeah, it’s really hard not to have an internet connection these days.

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"I really want to go out out, I really want to go outside and make it light all day."

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